The secret to restaurant grade cooking is to take your regular recipe and add a block of butter.

now ChatGPT seems really impressive and all but you have to remember that you can be tricked into thinking a rock has feelings by drawing a cute face on it

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Unlike most people on Twitter, I’m actually using GPT3 in a production system. The mistake people are making is they are asking “how can I use this to automate a smart person’s job”, when they should be asking “what would I do if I had unlimited dumb people”

Spotify Wrapped is a psyop. Everyone who doesn't post it has kids, and they're embarrassed to post the number one song is baby shark.

@davidgerard @jose @molly0xfff @Nezchan Sure it's all a giant scam but i'm still a fan of Charles Ponzi for the technology! Currently investigating if reply coupons can be used to power a moon rocket.

Waiting for the feds to show up whining "you're not supposed to care about growth here!!!"

Like, some of us are not here to fucking retire in a gated suburb. Some of us want to be part of creating a future with different power dynamics.

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why is there still no linux server distro that has a stable release cycle but none of the automated scripts that break prod

Big shot VC Andrew here thinks I'm the founder of mastodon.

VCs are garbage.

you're morally obligated to be gay on the computer otherwise alan turing died for nothing

High availability clustering is the art of turning a single node failure event into a multi node failure event.


Human bodies are so weird and interesting. I wish I had time to study them.

Apparently pain killers are only good for a specific type of pain. There's multiple types with different signals or something? I temporarily have two unrelated conditions and dropped one type of medicine assuming one will cover both pains. Does not!

My doctor said it's not well understood why pain killers work at all. Medicine twitter used to be great to ask for interesting papers.

The only reason venture capital exists is so white dudes can avoid reading books that would teach them the limits of physics for free.

So steam no longer cares about Linux.

That was of course expectable.

What are the alternatives ?

Post is a Marc “Anti-colonialism has been economically catastrophic for the Indian people for decades. Why stop now?” Andreessen et al. funded “Twitter alternative” by the ex-CEO of Waze.

It’s the same Silicon Valley bullshit that gave you Twitter.

Remember, the only time you can kill a VC-funded Silicon Valley startup is at the start, before it gains network effects. The way you kill it is to not use it and warn everyone you know not to use it.

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Thanks to bitcoal, we now have a direct example of a paperclip maximizer. A system whose only purpose is to turn all available energy into unusable waste heat.

How do we develop a post scarcity society under these conditions ?

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