I wanted to build a firewall with these specs:

* Low price, USD 150 or less
* At least two Gbps Ethernet ports
* Wireless a definite plus
* Must run OpenBSD

Yes, I am aware of OpenWRT, but I wanted to give OpenBSD a try.

Yes, I am aware that I could put an USB Ethernet device on a Raspberry Pi 4 to get the total Ethernet count to 2. No, I don't want to do that (yet).

I can't seem to find any. So you know any? Please share.

quora doing great with google search spam.

the question isnt what i googled.
and the answer is straight up wrong.

i love AI.

The only google hit for what i want is an AI providing code examples for a library that doesn't exist.

this is entirely made up.
None of this exists.

Next time I say in my talks that you should work doing things that matter like fighting climate change instead of helping billionaires make more billions, I will mention that the billionaire will fire you in a heartbeat if their profit margins ever dip.

i want to build a server using museum tech, like IDE drives.

does anyone know where i can get functioning IDE drives?

Can someone convince me that I want in my life ? Linux/kvm as hypervisor has so many kernel bugs 😫

Ceph is just not viable for us. What's everyone else doing for redundancy?

Counter suggestion for a Silicon Valley Bank bailout plan.

ChatGPT serves as a sort of reverse Turing Turing test where every time someone claims it is sentient or conscious, I begin to question if they are.

box is in my office now and its hard to imagine how loud this bitch is lol.

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Android needs the opposite of "don't disturb, except priority contacts".

I need a setting for

"Feel free to disturb me unless you're that one guy who calls me to tell me he sent me an email"

AMD is so freaking bonkers.

so yeah this thing has

24 nvme drives


maybe the 384 cores will be enough for ceph.

😲 😲 😲

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