@dalias @ariadne oh yeah just read the second page where they talk about "due process" etc etc and it reminds me of the time I actually made the effort of listening to both sides of "false" rape accusations on Twitter and it turns zero of them where false.

@ariadne their website sounds reasonable. Is this a front for something I don't understand?

@Raspberry_Pi @james uh sure but you're a brand, no? Brands usually prefer having customers. I dunno.

@marcan @ariadne @kwf I wonder if a Mac mini is actually really worse than my 3 rpis

@dalias @marcan @Alicealysia that doesn't provide desktops with the control they need for the experience users want. backlight GUI button off must turn backlight off immediately, some of them even have multiple dim settings.

I personally don't want to use a gui to do any of that, and I think asking for a user space mediator will actually just result in something _much worse_ like requiring dbus calls to systemd.

@dalias @marcan @Alicealysia how would that work? Udev querying desktop specific settings sounds much worse to me. It may depend on who is currently logged and of they're session is on current VT, etc. Unless you're arguing that desktop shouldn't control these things at all, which I'd agree with, but most people don't, and we have to love with that somehow.

@Stefan1531 @elhotzo stabiler Alpha Mann sofort tot wegen versehentlichem Augenkontakt mit Gemüse.

@lovinurbanism @bmi das ist auch irgendwie lustig dass da steht "wollen eine andere Gesellschaftsform etablieren". Und das ist der Grund warum Linksextreme eine Gefahr sind? Was für Lappen diese Linksextremen heutzutage.

@joerg @elhotzo frittiert schmeckt das eh alles gleich bei Nordsee.

The secret to restaurant grade cooking is to take your regular recipe and add a block of butter.

@tommorris is a hilariously good example why software engineering doesn't exist. The answers are also wrong but it doesn't matter because this entire field is built on sand anyway.

@heiseonline 1500?! Dachte nicht dass mich Elmo news noch schocken aber scheinbar doch.

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