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This one is for all the new people on #Mastodon: did you know that the #fediverse has more than just a microblogging replacement? And that they can all interoperate with your Mastodon account?

Check them out!

Facebook replacement: Friendica
Instagram replacement: Pixelfed
YouTube replacement: PeerTube
Spotify replacement: Funkwhale
MeetUp replacement: Mobilizon
Reddit replacement: Lemmy
Podcasting replacement: Castopod
GoodReads replacement: BookWyrm

Und nun zurück zum Teaser von heute morgen:

Der BfDI löscht seinen behördlichen Twitter-Account! Grund ist auch eine seit 2019 nicht abgeschlossene Prüfung zur rechtskonformen Nutzung der Plattform.

Mehr dazu:


Everyone is so nice here, i immediately feel compelled to behave as well.

Similar to how a clean park will make people pick up their trash, while an already dirty one makes them more likely to litter too.

My company has the capacity for like 1mio active mastodon users I think.

But is that even needed? Looks like mastodon is scaling out just fine. Just takes a bit after each wave to resettle.

very reminds me of back when i learned Linux in the 90s.

Confusing and kind of broken, but everyone was so excited about using their skills to overthrow the malicious King.

Mastodon and Twitter can coexist. Mastodon is for smart content, Twitter is for watching Elon Musk own himself.

Thanks rocket ship man for your genius plan to make all the famous people move to mastodon. Appreciated. 😘


still not sure if solo-instances are a good idea.

some assembly required.

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do you want a free managed kubernetes cluster?


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