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@segv11 @futurebird @fifilamoura I wonder if PageRank could still work if Google were willing to prune off half the branches (ofc those representing their biggest ad business outlets! 🙃) or if the well is just outright poisoned at this point.

Like imagine how much interesting stuff even just say NASA has probably published and instead of making *that* accessible every search is just twenty pretending-to-be-local HVAC services insurance spamblogs! 😩

any who can design a pcie 4 backplane ? It's an easy job EXCEPT pcie 4 requires careful routing and it MUST be done in kicad. Will be open source, but paid.


hey @azonenberg the backplane on this is wrong. i need nvme directly to cpu and this has some weird expander chip on it. can you build me an nvme only backplane? it's just plug to plug on other side but pcie 4 is too fast for me

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someone asked me to look at their helm chart for uhhh... a German weapon system.

i'd rather not know, thanks.

whats the tape backup of choice these days for about a petabyte?

My habit of sending bug reports as PR saved me from the embarrassment of admitting i didn't even read the error dialog before posting a bug.

The error clearly stated the problem. As i discovered in the code, not by reading the popup. I never read popups because I automatically assume it is just spam, as we are used to from the internet.

The anarchist says "I will undermine my rulers, BUT I WILL NOT RULE OTHERS"

The latter is the more important part. And the lower risk one. Even if you manage to do few Extremely Cool Things in your life, you must always seek to prevent all the forms of domination you might (even automatically) be enrolled in.

i wonder if there's a deep reason nobody does ceph on AMD, and that's actually the cause of all my problems?

i hear people use chatgpt for writing articles.. how do you do that?

i cant get it to work. it just keeps derailing, unless i micromanage it, at which point i might have just written the article.

@ct_bergstrom lmfao i thought you were kidding that big tech said this but deadass they are pretending the robots can hallucinate. jesus christ.

Implementing Curve25519/X25519: A Tutorial on Elliptic Curve Cryptography by @martin

A very accessible text; highly recommended if you want to understand the concepts underpinning the encryption used in TLS, Signal, etc.

Starts at modular arithmetic and covers Diffie-Hellman key exchange with clear explanations of cyclic groups and finite field and elliptic curve arithmetic within the context of the Montgomery curve used in Curve25519.


#cryptography #x25519

@infinimatt this was provoked by looking at "Kings Of Crypto", an unauthorised bio of Coinbase that starts with Brian Armstrong's tough day dealing with some inane shit as if it's of significance and import

but they all fucking do it. every book on facebook. that history of twitter, and that got relatively snarky.

it's a style, it's clearly mandated by editors, and it sucks ass. it offers no room to break the fourth wall and say "these guys are clearly fucking idiots as well as parasites upon humanity and need the guillotine pronto."

nothing made me distance myself from "the left" more than twitter.

turns out the problem was twitter.

global file system based on cephfs and virtiofsd is now generally available on

Global file system can be mounted simultaneously on multiple containers, enabling easy out of the box shared files between scaling services.

the EU tax system is fairly difficult to understand already, and it really doesn't help that i ALSO have to explain to people that googles AI is just dreaming up answers unrelated to the question.

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google is starting to show dangerously incorrect information.

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